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Scott Jones reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

instructors are great with the kids and is hands down above all other it's a great atmosphere and the kids learn various techniques and skills no just one dimensional

Nikki Newcomb reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Instructors are fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, patient and so encouraging. They strive to bring out the best in all of their students and encourage them to never give up.

Brian McDermott reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

NEPA MMA, Sensei Kyle and his staff, is by far the best! I've tried a few other places in the past and they were not for me. Here, they understand that everyone learns differently and not at the same pace; even though there is structure, they also think outside of the box and don't let it restrict them or their students. Everyone is like family; very welcoming, friendly and accepting. Highly recommended!

Malissa Ann reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love NEPA MMA! All of the instructors are top of the line and AMAZING with the kids. The kids respect and listen to all of the staff. There are also many other activities to be involved in with the kids like the sleepovers, holiday parties and specials. No other place can compare

Tammy Mcgraw-Swiderski reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

The best decision we have made was to enroll our son. We did our homework when it came to schools and there were some closer. Even one a friend runs. We liked what Kyle teaches. He knew our son by name from the day he met him and we believe he saw him as a child and not just one more payment. We have continued to be impressed by not only kyle but all involved in his school and have recommended NEPA MMA to several people and will continue to do so.

Shannon Shovlin reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

What a great place!!! Sensei Kyle is amazing with kids of all ages! Not to mention their staff is soooo welcoming!!! Thank you Tina, sensei Kyle, sensei Marie and everyone that makes your place as awesome as it is!!! I highly recommend this to any parent looking to involve their child in something great!!!

Kristi Scott reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter loves it here! Sensei Kyle took the time to work with my daughter & bring her out of her shell. She now loves it here & wants class every day! Everyone is very welcoming & cheerful every class. I'm so happy we chose to bring her here.

Amanda Sciandra reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has gained so much confidence and he learned respect in the little time we were a part of NEPA MMA. The classes really help his focus with his ADHD. I'm a big fan of the school and all of the instructors.

Umar Frazier reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Have worked with Proffesor/Sensei Ratchford for years. Great BJJ instructor. Easy to understand. He provides years of knowledge and I improve every time. A great place to learn and meet awesome people.

Mike Hliwski reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Phenomenal instructors fill a very amazing atmosphere here... My daughter has just started fairly recent and they made us all feel at home... Looking forward to future instruction and the events- not only am i proud of her, im proud to send her here... hands down one of the best if not the very best!

Michelle Jones reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Proud to be a parent of an NEPA MMA student. Couldn't ask for a better karate school. Sensei Kyle Reed and staff are wonderful with all the kids! Martial arts at NEPA MMA has given my daughter confidence strength and discipline.

Romilda Crocamo reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place. The instructors and class members are not judgmental but encouraging. Can’t wait to go back! I’m not an athlete and I’m not in shape but I felt comfortable there.

Jenna Marie reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Nepa Mixed Martial Arts was the perfect pick for my sons 5th birthday party! When i asked my son if he made a wish blowing his candles out and he said yes mom. A min later he says I wished I never left that place... Amazing staff, instructors and facility!

Sarah Stevens reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

Awesome facility and instructors!!! To name one, my brother Matthew Ratchford, he is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is an awesome teacher! Stop down and check the place out, take one of Matt's classes...you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Stephanie Wilk reviewed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love nepa martial arts our little guy loves going. All the staff is wonderful. They are always friendly and helpful and just all around great with the kids. It’s also a great thing for the kids all the things they learn help them in all areas not just at karate. Thank you to all you who work hard to make the school the place it is.

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Easy and Vital Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween

Ghosts, Goblins and Witches, oh my! The Halloween season brings a lot of fun

memories for people. They can find their favorite characters or alter egos and dress

up as other personas for a night. Taking children around the neighborhoods for candy

at night has become the American staple for Halloween traditions. There are also

social gatherings such as Halloween themed parties or dances that many people like

to attend. But, as with any party or social event, there is always a slight risk of

danger that women, in particular, should be aware of. As fun as Halloween can be,

going out late at night can place women in vulnerable situations. These are some tips

on how women can stay safe on Halloween and still have a great time:

Travel in Pairs

When people see a group of women or two friends attached at this hip, they can be

sure that these women will stay that way for the entire evening. It is important to

stay with a group or another person because they have someone looking out for their

well-being at all times.

Stay Aware of Surroundings

Looking around and identifying suspicious individuals or objects can mean the

difference between a good and bad situation. When people can observe all the nearby

surroundings, they are able to anticipate and/or avoid situations that can occur. For

instance, paying attention to suspicious vehicles parked down the street in the

neighborhood can prompt someone to call the police immediately. Or, eyeballing a

nearby exit in a crowded house party can alleviate the need to find one upon leaving


Have Emergency Numbers on Speed Dial

Another way for women to stay safe on Halloween is to keep emergency numbers on

speed dial. This prevents one from needing to dial numbers in any frantic situation. It

is also a good idea for women to hold onto their phones as they are walking to their

cars. Doing so will give them quick access to a call or text if anything were to occur at

that moment.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

With Halloween, most events will likely happen in the evening. Trick-or-treating with

the kids or hanging out at a party will definitely be during the evening hours where it

is dark and riskier. Parking vehicles under bright lights or staying in well-lit

neighborhoods will help to reduce the chance for a dangerous circumstance.

Keep a Weapon

It does not necessarily have to be a gun or a bat, but having some type of weapon can

make women feel more empowered and ready for any situation. This could look like a

mace spray or her own fists. To feel more comfortable using these things, women

should enlist in some free or low-cost self-defense classes that will give them the

tools to defend themselves in vulnerable situations.


The spirit of Halloween can be fun and celebratory for women in many different ways.

Mothers get a chance to help their kids dress up and stroll neighborhoods in their

adorable costumes. Other women can play dress up themselves and attend parties to

socialize with their friends. As much fun as these types of things can be,

unfortunately, the dangers involved with these events will increase as well. So, it is

important that women follow some of these easy to follow tips to ensure a fun and

safe Halloween.


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